So, you’ve already planned on visiting some of the most beautiful places in the Middle East. However, what if we said that the most beautiful cities in the Middle East really shine after the sun sets? It’s true! So, if you’re looking for Middle East tourist attractions that come alive after dark, here are some of our recommendations:

La Perle / Dubai, UAE

Prepare yourself for a night of unbelievable fun at the La Perle by Dragone located in Dubai’s Al Habtoor City. La Perle tells the story of Dubai’s rich culture through awesome stunts and special effects that will leave you speechless. Wherever you sit inside the aqua theater, the 270° view allows you to see the action from a unique aspect. You won’t believe your eyes as the stage floods with water and drains again in the blink of an eye. Whether in the air or under water, artist will blow your mind with aquabatic and aerobatic feats.

Pyramids Sound and Light Show / Cairo, Egypt

Ancient and modern Egypt comes together for a spectacular night of fun at the world’s most famous pyramids. This 2-hour Pyramid Sound and Light Show is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll never forget. See Giza’s pyramids and the Sphinx lit up with colored lasers and lively images. Listen to the booming music as the host takes you on an audio journey back to the times of the pharaohs.

Karnak Sound and Light Show / Karnak, Egypt

Touring the Valley of the Kings and can’t make it back to Cairo for the light show? No problem! You can head over to Karnak and still get your Ancient Egypt Sound and Light show groove on. At the 2-hour Karnak Sound and Light show, you’ll watch as sounds and light bring Ancient Egypt to life. Walk through the ancient temple and listen as the pharaohs tell you their stories of when they ruled Thebes. For a special treat, don’t miss seeing the pillars and statues light up in the reflection of Karnak’s Sacred Lake.

Fantasia Restaurant Dinner and Show / Marrakech, Morocco

Relax on soft cushions, sampling Moroccan cuisine while being entertained by musicians, acrobats and a bevy of belly dancers. At this legendary four- hour affair, you’ll also witness a Rif ceremony that highlights the best riders of opposing tribes. Watch them shoot and strut their stuff while sitting on the backs of their valiant horses. Listen to traditional Berber songs as you watch a desert caravan parade by. Finally, don’t miss getting a glimpse of the mythical flying carpet ending a magical night you’ll not soon forget.

Little Buddha Bar / Hurghada, Egypt

After one night at the Little Buddha Bar in Hurghada, you’ll wish you had 1000 more nights to spend there. Indeed, a night at the bar’s 1,001 Nights show is one of the most fantastic evenings you’ll have in the Red Sea city of Hurghada. Inside this Arabian-themed palace, you’ll see a horseback charge, a sound and light show, belly dancers, and so much more! Really, you must have rubbed Buddha’s belly sometime to have all of this luck!

Petra by Night/ Petra, Jordan

Petra is certainly beautiful during the day, but at night, it turns truly magical. Here, you’ll explore the old city by candlelight starting with a walk through the entire length of the Siq. Once you reach the end, you’ll be awestruck by the Treasury lit up by 1,500 candles. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime sight to behold.

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