Despite the fact that it’s hundreds of years old, Arabic astrology is still somewhat unknown astrology. Like other horoscopes, the Arabic horoscope is based on the birth date of a person.  However, when it began, it was also based on birthplace, other people born in that place, and your parent’s social standing. Today, however, it’s mostly just about the day you were born.  Most vital, however, is that the zodiac in Arabic can highlight our abilities, our character, and most of all, our assets.

Today, we’re going to look at the zodiac signs in Arabic and what they mean for you. Unlike the western zodiac,  which is largely based on animals and Greek myth, the Arab version uses old-school weapons, and they are:

The Lance (22 December – 20 January)

Lance is equal to the sign of Capricorn in the Arabic horoscope and is a weapon that both begins and closes the year. People born under this sign are quite sober, skilled and bound for success, which makes them quite respected. Further, they are patient and even-keeled and their success is due to their own hard work. Life has taught Lance patience. Thus, people born under this sign are deep thinkers and do their research. Since difficulties do not scare them, they often choose the hardest path to their success, much to their delight.

The Slingshot (21 January – 19 February)

Equal to the sign of Aquarius is a sign of the Arabic horoscope is the slingshot. Slingshots like the idea of ethics and morals. They are down-to-earth, creative, and smart. This only feeds into their never-ending desire to actually do the hard work instead of just talking about it.  They are innovative and always thinking of ways to improve what already exists. Likewise, they are also not afraid to get creative or step outside of their comfort zone to reach their goals. They also have the keen mind to see the big picture without giving up their true selves.

The Axe (20 February – 20 March)

The axe is a resourceful weapon, and those born under its sign are just as resourceful. Axes (equal to  Pisces in Arabic) are inspired  by love and beauty, and therefore, are in a never ending search to be perfect. What’s more the routine of everyday life bores you because you always want better yourself. However, this means you’re never satisfied with where you or others are at the moment. As a result, you can help others push others beyond their own limits.

The Dagger (21 March- 20 April)

Much like their Aries counterpart, the Dagger if full of life, spontaneous and not afraid of the their superhuman limits. If you’re a Dagger, we’d be willing to bet that you’re thinking ahead of everyone else. This is because you tend to think on your feet and are not afraid to take risks. You also have a lot of energy and put all of it into things you think are worth it.

The Nail (21 April- 20 May)

If you’re a nail (which is a sign of the Arabic horoscope basically the same as a Taurus), you are very strong and passionate. You prefer quiet times. However, you also rise to the occasion when a large project requires a lot of your time and energy. Further, you like concrete goals. That’s because you like to see with your own eyes and touch with your own hands the work you’ve accomplished.

The Mace (21 May – 21 June)

It’s no wonder that the Mace equals the Gemini in Arabic as they are both a spur-of-the-moment, free-spirited and shameless chameleon. A Mace always maintains the desire to have fun and explore a new facet of their personality. Though always ready to surprise themselves, they are always alert and ready to use logic. Like the reptile mentioned before, they can adapt quickly, giving them the appeal and the smarts to be great speakers. They are also known to be able to figure out other people quickly and adjust the way they talk to them – a gift that helps them quickly get out of trouble.

The Knife (22 June – 23 July)

Knives is a sign of the Arabic horoscope (equal to the Cancer sign) is sharp, and therefore, should be handled with care much like those born under its sign. Knives give unconditional sweetness and love. What’s more, they not only to listen to the needs of others, but often know what they are before they are even spoken. They are easy to forgive, easy to give in and tender and loving protectors.

The Cutlass (24 July – 23 August)

The Sword or Cutlass is a sign of the Arabic horoscope equal to Leo.  And like the lion, they are set apart their pride and its nobility. Talented, creative and hard-working, they set the example that others follow.  Moreover, setting the example that others follow is actually good for the Cutlass, as they thrive on being the center of attention. Plus, they attract others like a magnet with their charisma with an attraction that last and lasts.

The Machete (24 August – 23 September)

If you’re from this Arabic sign that’s equal to Virgo,  you are practical, smart, and you constantly improve yourself. When it comes to work, you let others trust in your results which are always complete and very thorough. However, it has to be this way for you. Otherwise, one small mistake will let others see how quick-tempered you can be.

The Chain (24 September – 22 October)

You possess a certain elegance and have a great love for beauty and justice as a Chain. This equivalent to Libra is full of charm and kindness which you’ll use to get yourself out of any bad situation. Therefore, you have a gift of being able to please others and have them open their hearts to you. Further, you have a certain finesse about you that is able to change the atmosphere when you walk into a room. This allows you to build relationships and promote healthy dialogue. You’re no fool when it comes to love and can play the flirt better than anyone.

The Gumia (23 October – 22 November)

The Gumia is a knife of Arabic origin and known as the half moon knife in the West. Those born under this Arabic sign equal to Scorpio know that with great power comes the knowledge of hidden things. In fact, Gumias have a sort of sixth sense of the life/death cycle. To them the end is means to another  beginning.  As a result, you’re often attracted to risky adventures, but you’re smart enough to survive them.

The Bow (23 November – 21 December)

Finally, there is the Arab answer to Capricorn known as the Bow. Those born under it sign have a strong personality that lets them overcome any problems. Therefore it’s rare to see them discouraged.  However, they tend to be dreamers and expect the most out of life and everyone around them. Additionally, they are explorers of the everything life has to offer – the world, religion, sports – you name it!  Brave by nature, they also evoke trust, trust, optimism, and enthusiasm and are often good examples of faith and devotion.

So, how close was your zodiac to describing you? Let us know in the comments.

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