Arabic Cuisine Made Easy All Day Everyday: How to Make Sambosa?

Dina Sarayra 8/1/2021
Arab Culture

Sambosa Coming Your Way

How to make Sambosa? Well, you came to the right place because we’ve got just the right samboosa recipe for you!

First, you need to have all the ingredients to make this delicious little pastry to make it perfectly crispy and flaky. Sambosas are originally a Middle Eastern pastry that were brought to India by merchants.

They are now enjoyed in multiple places such as the Middle East, South Asia, and Asian countries as well. They’re eaten as a snack and enjoyed differently in different countries. For examples, Muslims like to eat it for Iftar in Ramadan when they break their fast. This is how they are enjoyed in Arab countries.

Get Your Pans Ready: Let’s Make Sambosa Together

Moving on! The way to make Sambosa is by first washing and boiling 500g of potatoes. Make sure they don’t turn mushy. You can also use a pressure pot and after that you set them aside to cool.

Now it’s time to make the Sambosa dough! Add the following ingredients to a mixing bowl: 2 cups of wheat flour, ¾ teaspoon of ajwain, ¾ teaspoon of salt, and finally a ¼ cup of ghee or oil.

Arabic Vocabulary With Sambosa Recipe

Now you probably don’t know how to say ask for certain ingredients in Arabic so I’ll help you through! Wheat flour in Arabic is daqeeq al qamh and yeast in Arabic is khameerah . Make sure to mix them well and use your hands if you need to! In fact, it is better if you do so you the oil is spread well.

After mixing them the Sambosa dough should look like bread crumbs that if you press down on it, you should make a shape and not crumble. This means that the oil or ghee is well incorporated. After that, add four tablespoons of water and start to form a dough ball out of it. If you need to add more water, do so as needed! You should end up with one big dough ball that is firm and isn’t sticky.

Final Steps

Now this is the third part of the recipe, the potato stuffing! You can have vegetables in your stuffing as well. Vegetables in Arabic is khudrawat and potato in Arabic is Al Batates. You can even add meat in it if you wish to make meat Sambosa.

Moving on! Now to make the potato stuffing you have to hear a tablespoon of oil in a pan and add the ¾ teaspoon of cumin seeds. Then add a tablespoon of minced ginger 2 chopped chilies onto the pan. Sauté it for around a minute then add some spice powders. The spice powders we’ll add are ½ teaspoon salt, ¾ teaspoon red chili powder, ¾ teaspoon of garam masala, 1/2 dried mango powder, and ½ teaspoon fennel powder.

After that make sure to sauté it for 30 seconds and add green peas and potato to it. Taste it to adjust as you wish and set it aside to cool. Now divide the dough to 5 equal parts and roll it into an oval shaped layer onto an oily surface. Cut into half and join the edges into a cone shape and stick the edges well. This is because now we will fill the cone with the mixture and then close on it. Apply water on the edge and make sure it is closed well. Brush oil outside gently then bake them in the oven at around 360 C for around 20 minutes.

There you have it! It’s really easy to make and really delicious! We’ll be waiting for your pictures.

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