Arabic – Quran Book

The Muslims’ Holy Book, the Quran, was sent down in the Arabic language and so, many Muslims around the world strive to learn Arabic to understand it from its own original words and be able to read Quran. That is besides the people who are learning it for other reasons. Although there are many Arabic dialects spoken around the Arab world, learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) would suffice one to understand the Quran Arabic text.

Quran in Arabic Text

There are several aspects of language to be concentrated on when learning Arabic that would quickly but surely allow you to reach a level from beginner to advanced. Firstly, semantics, which denotes the meaning of the words, is an aspect to be concentrated on when learning a language. This could otherwise be known as the vocabulary and Arabic language learners are encouraged to learn new words every day.

Further, Arabic words have a lot of similar root words. For example, k-t-b is a root for many other words such as kataba [he wrote], kitab [book], maktaba [library], kutiba [it was written] etc. This would ultimately allow Arabic language learners to comprehend the Arabic text on a deeper level. Another aspect is phonology which denotes the sounds of the language.

The Arabic language has 28 letters.

In fact, it is called the language of the ض as Arabic is the only language that has this letter/sound. Learning how to pronounce the Alphabet will allow the language learners to read the Quran and pronounce the words correctly.

Finally, another important aspect that needs a great understanding of is the syntax of Arabic. Syntax refers to the grammar of the language such as where we put words and how to change them. The syntax of Arabic is studied by many Arabic speakers around the world in what is called I’rab (إعراب). I’rab does not just cover the syntax of Arabic and it’s important to note that, without it, the Quran would be very misunderstood. Therefore, syntax would allow the reader to understand the structure of the Arabic language and the verses of the Quran.

With that, here are a number of tips to follow if you wish to make your Arabic learning much better. Although there is no easy way to learn Quranic Arabic, these tips will help. They are all about learning Quranic Arabic and learning Arabic language of the Quran.


Before anything else, always start with grammar. This is to make sure that everything you come across will not make your life difficult. If you wish to keep going back and forth with Quran and Arabic lessons, then you can merge this step with the next one. However, if this is not you, then we suggest getting your grammar game on.


Tajweed is all about reading and pronouncing Quranic Arabic words appropriately. This is an entirely new reading level which requires its own understanding. As a Muslim, in order to get the most of the Quran reading, Tajweed needs to happen.


Quran in Arabic text is different than Quran in your language. Understanding what you are reading is just as important as reading it in the first place. This is part of Muslim’s rules in order to benefit from the Holy book of Quran or Quran Kareem. Make sure you translate as necessary from your language to Arabic.

Quranic Arabic

There are specific terminologies when it comes to learning Arabic of the Quran. The good news is that they are repeated and so this could be benefit you where you can learn more in less time. Make sure you get these words understood so you can have a smoother reading of the Quran.

To all the Muslims out there who struggle with Arabic Quran text and having to learn Quranic Arabic: Have patience and faith. The lord will surely help you when the /niyya/ or intention is pure towards learning.

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