The Kingdom of Jordan has been holding its yearly Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts for over 40 years. Often called the Jerash Music Festival (or simply the Jerash Festival) it was started in 1981 by Queen Noor. Part of the bigger Jordan Festival, the event features both Arab and foreign artists. People come from all over the world making this event in Jerash international festival-worthy. In fact, the event welcomes over 100,000 guests each year to Jordan’s ancient Roman city.

Jerash Festivals of the Past

The ancient city’s columned streets date back to 65 BC when the Romans built the ruins that lie there now.  However, we don’t have to go back that far to look at seeing how thrilling the event has been since it first started. For instance, in 2015, the event was hosted by famous Arab singers Najwa Karam, Maya Diab and Wael Kfouri.

In 2019, the “King of Romance”, Wael Kfouri, was back. He joined Bedouin music artist Omar Al-Abdallat, and Lebanese singing sensation Nancy Ajram in Jordanian nights full of magic.

Sadly, Jerash didn’t hold its yearly festival in 2020 due to the COVID-19 epidemic. However, the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts 2021 came back better than before. With the theme of “Jerash: Decorated with Joy”, Prime Minister Bisher Al Khasawne lit a torch to start the event. For 11 days, singers like Majida El Roumi, George Wassouf and Saif Nabeel entertained thousands of visitors attending the event. Jerash Festival 2021 was a really special event as the kingdom also celebrated its centennial last year.  Indeed, all of these Festivals activities created a city full of stars under a sky full of stars.

Jerash Festival 2022

Up to this writing about Jerash Festival, dates and details of the 2022 festival have not yet been announced, However, if the pasts events are any indication, this year’s festival should be bigger and better than ever. With that in mind, the Festival tickets sell out quickly, so keep checking back to find out all of the details.

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