Kaleela Teaches You How to Say Bye to Someone in Arabic

Gary Greer 4/21/2022
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The first thing you learn when you study Arabic are the many ways how to say hello in Arabic. Next comes the many ways you can ask “How are you?” in Arabic. Still, you might be asking “How do I say ‘bye’ in Arabic?” However, what you really mean is how do you say “See you later.” in Arabic? Nonetheless, they often only teach you one way to say goodbye in Arabic – ma salama.

Well, there are certainly many ways of saying goodbye in Arabic. For example, as we just said ma salama in Arabic is “goodbye”. However, we’re going to present you with a list of other Arabic goodbye phrases today.

First Things First

Before we show you the list, there are some things you should know first about saying goodbye in Arabic language. This is because saying goodbye in Arabic can sometimes be complex because of the manners involved. For example, if your leaving a friend, a meeting, or ending a phone call, saying goodbye properly is good etiquette.

You’ve heard the expression “Parting is such sweet sorrow”? Well, Arabs seem to hate to leave you, many times before they actually do. In fact, you might wonder if you’ll be saying hello to them again before they finish saying goodbye.

This is because, socially, some may see you as a bit rude if you just leave all of a sudden. It could also be because they simply like you and don’t want to leave your company.

A Quick Look at Goodbyes in Arabic

So, how do you say goodbye in Arabic? Well, here’s how:

Goodbye in Spoken Arabic
Goodbyema salama مع السلامة
Goodbyebisalama بسلامة
I am leaving with your acceptancebkhatrak بخاطرَك
May God be with youallah ma’ak الله معَك
Byebye باي
Byeyala bye يلا باي
See you laterbshofak ba’dan بشوفَك بعدان
See you tomorrowbshofak bokra بشوفَك بكرا
Goodnighttisbah ala khair تصبح على خير
Goodbye in Modern Standard Arabic
Goodbyewada’an وداعاً
See you laterela al lika’a إلى اللقاء
See you tomorrowaraka ghadan أراكَ غداً
See you lateraraka lahikan أراكَ لاحقاً

So, there you have them. And because we hate to say ma salama, we’ll just say bshofak ba’dan until next time.

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