Welcome back to the second part our five-part series on 100 essential words and phrases that you should know if you’re just learning Arabic for beginners

Once again, we’ve also included some example phrases and questions that you can see the word used in. The more you learn Arabic language vocabulary, the more you’ll find yourself picking up more and more vocabulary along the way. Right now, however, just focus on learning these next 20 words and by the end of the series, you’ll have learned 100 of the core words and phrases to continue on your Arabic journey.

100 Core Arabic Vocabulary Words (Part 2)Arabic writing

Small in Arabic saghir صغير
Good in Arabic jayid جيد 
Bad in Arabic sayiya سيئة 
Beautiful in Arabic ǧamīl جميل 
Ugly in Arabic qabīḥ قبيح 
Difficult in Arabic saeb صعب
Easy in Arabic sahl سهل
Far in Arabic baed بعيد 
Near in Arabic qarib قريب
Hello in Arabic marḥaban مرحباً
Good morning in Arabic sabahu al-hair صباح الخير
Good afternoon in Arabic masaaʾu alkheyr مساء الخير
Good evening in Arabic masaaʾu alkheyr مساء الخير
Good night in Arabic tusbiḥ alkheyr تصبح على خير
How are you in Arabic kayfa ḥaluk? كيف حالك ؟
Thank you in Arabic shukraan شكرا
No in Arabic la لا 
Yes in Arabic na’am نعم
Delicious in Arabic ladhidha لذيذة
I am in Arabic (name) ana … …أنا

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