Learning Arabic As A Family Part 2: Structured Learning At Home

Dina Sarayra 6/9/2021
About Arabic language

They say that blood is thicker than water. This is true, as family ties and bonds are the strongest ones known to mankind since the beginning of time. This is why we continued our notion of learning Arabic as a family in this second part. In the previous part, we talked about all the pros of learning Arabic for beginners as a family. Today, we are going into the details of how this could be done in the best way possible.

Let’s down to it.

The Start is Just as Important as the Finish

This means that we don’t want anyone giving up on the way.

Imagine this: you and your family are going on a hiking trip and somebody decides to stop in halfway through the mountain. It will basically stop the entire family, or best case scenario, put you all at a halt. In both cases, it is not good.

This is why everyone on this Arabic learning boat needs to start off with enough motivation to continue till the very end. This ensures that nobody slows the family down and the boat doesn’t sink. In order to stay afloat, everyone needs to keep paddling together. Strength is in numbers right?
So step 1: get everyone paddling strongly through thick and thin.

The Next Step

Now that you all agreed that you will finish what you started, find the starting point that works with you and your family members. For example, you could all start with a simple course that teaches you how to read and speak Arabic for beginners. Another option is to search up how to learn the Arabic alphabet. The best way to learn Arabic online is to find what it is you really want to learn, whether that is the Arabic alphabet or conversation and speaking classes.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to start with. This is based on your reasons why you are learning Arabic in the first place. One thing for sure is that the fastest way to learn Arabic is by figuring out your destination, which will take you to your starting point.

The Simpler but Much Harder Step

By now, you would have figured out where you and your family are going and where you need to start. This is the simple step, but the hardest one as well: The actual learning.

There are a number of different ways that this could be done. You can start off with traditional courses or download an app like Kaleela. You can all go at the same pace and break the phrases down.

Using little techniques such as post-it notes around the house will take your vocabulary game to the next level.

Whether you are looking for the best Arabic dialect to learn or how to pronounce a word, everything is now available everywhere.

In the afternoons or during lunch time, you could have a basic family conversation about any topic in the world. Yes, you could introduce yourselves to each other again. Maybe you need to know more about your family. Trust us, you would be surprised.

The Non-Final Destination

Your journey will never end. You can always learn Arabic. But you and your family members can surely have a destination that everyone needs to reach. Things done as a group will always be better than individual. Imagine if they are your family. This just strengthens the importance of doing this.

It’s great quality time with family, plus you actually learn too.

So start your Arabic-learning with the ones you love and care about. Convince them with a structured plan and have everything clear. Write your notes, do your research and find your destination. Arabic learning will turn super fun with family for sure.