Arabic for beginners looks scary. Until you decide to learn Arabic alphabet the right way, then Arabic reading might be an issue for you. Let’s learn how to memorize Arabic fast.

Arabic for Beginners

First things first, start with the sounds. It is common practice that people learn the alphabet with the letters. But unlike popular belief, it is better to start with the sounds. This is because one letter can have different sounds. It will be much easier to start with the sounds and go backwards to the letter.

This will also make Arabic reading a much simpler process. However, this is one way to remember the Arabic alphabet. Let’s find out about the remaining ways.

Arabic Language Tutorial

There is always the simple way of watching videos on YouTube. A lot of material is available online. A good bunch of these resources are free as well. Tutorials are so common nowadays that there is almost a tutorial for everything out there.

Arabic Lessons for Beginners

Why not sign up for an actual course? There are available ones online as well as face-to-face. Technology has made life much easier in that it created a course for everything. If a tutorial didn’t help you, try signing up for a course. The good thing about courses is that someone will do all the hard work for you. Not only that, but will also give you immediate feedback on what you need to work on. Warning: there might be some homework involved. But for many, homework is a good thing. It keeps them working on what they need to as they have no control over their will to do things. If you are that type, then Arabic lessons are for you.

Arabic Read Along

If you are into entertainment, then try Arabic Read Along. They are both fun and educational. There is nothing more joyful than a read along. You get information, entertained and educated without realizing it. So it is the whole package! There is a number of online materials for you to use here. The internet is packed with stories for both young and old. There are different genres as well. In other words, you will find something that will fit your taste perfectly.

Deck of Cards

If you are into placing sticky-notes around the house to memorize words, you should try this next method. It doesn’t involve post-it notes, but it does involve another game. Have you tried making your own deck of cards? You simply customize each card with a letter. You would then add everything you need to know. This includes the isolated form, IPA, transliteration, name of graph, final, middle, and initial form, and any tags. Now, you are free to use them however you wish. You might come up with a new card game, or even just stick them around. It is your game to play. You’re the boss. This is a perfect opportunity to learn Arabic alphabet mnemonics and the different forms of the Arabic alphabet. If you are a trained enough and can work with transliteration very well, this method is will teach you how to read Arabic letters in no time. Anki Arabic alphabet is a great online tool to use for such purposes. It mainly focuses on vocabulary, but you can certainly create your own work.

Out and About

If you are not a textbook person, why not go out and about? Many people learn by doing. These are called kinaesthetic learners. You may not see the letters, but you’ll definitely memorize them from the people around you. Have more conversations with Arabs or speakers of the language. This will also allow you to understand the Arabic alphabet in action. To top it all off, you should try downloading apps that help you remember? If you are a busy person with lots on your plate, then apps are way to go. There are plenty of options out there that can help you memorize the Arabic alphabet and excel your Arabic reading. One of the perks of downloading an app is that it sends you notifications. How nice right? Not only do you guarantee that you are learning, but have someone or something, remind you that you should.

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