Synonyms and Antonyms in Arabic: The Right Way With Kaleela

Dina Sarayra 7/15/2021
About Arabic language

So you want to learn about synonyms and antonyms in Arabic? You came to the right place.

Let’s Talk About Arabic

The Arabic language has 422 million speakers worldwide making it one of the five most spoken languages in the world. There are also different types of Arabic with both dialects and accents present in the language. Not to mention, a standard traditional form named Fusha. Fusha is the traditional Arabic learnt worldwide. There are antonyms and synonyms which are called Al-Mutathadat and Al-Muradifat, respectively.

In fact, Arabic learners and Arabic native speakers usually take this in Arabic classes. To be able to know both the antonyms and synonyms, you have to expand your vocabulary in Arabic. This is because how can you retain an Arabic word that you don’t even know?

Another View

Another way you can do this is using translation. Translating in Arabic to constantly refer back to English with the Arabic antonyms and synonyms. You can also buy an Arabic dictionary that you can carry around anywhere! The ways you can learn Arabic synonyms and antonyms are various. So whichever method or methods most suitable for you, so it’s important to make use of it.

Make sure to try to study Arabic linguistics. This is so you have a broad general idea about Arabic grammar, syntax and semantics. Luckily, when it comes to Arabic, a lot of the words have a root word. These would have a related meaning. They usually are a makeup of 3 or 4 letters. They can be with any part of speech such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

This can be a method to learn new words as it works as a way to expand your vocabulary. This is because you are finding the root Arabic word. Which means, it will help you relate to the meaning of the word you’re currently dealing with. This is a grouping method that works in this particular language since it luckily exists! So hey, make use of it! It also might be confusing at first. But it will help you expand your knowledge of Arabic vocabulary. The reason is that it would help you guess the meaning of the word based on its’ root.

More To Think About

You can memorize Arabic vocabulary by grouping them in other ways such as with synonyms and antonyms. Arabic speaking children tend to do such activities in their Arabic classes. It helps them relate words to each other and learn the Arabic synonyms and antonyms of some words.

Grouping words into a meaningful group helps the Arabic language learner relate words to each other and categorize them. So you’re doing a great job by trying to learn antonyms and synonyms.

One Last Thing

Another feature in Arabic is masculine and feminine which can also be very easy to grasp. In Arabic there is natural and grammatical gender so everything has a gender, even inanimate objects and simple concepts such as love, hope and excitement. So make sure to try to learn Arabic online and learn the antonyms and synonyms of the language.

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