So you want to learn a little something about Arabic prepositions, huh? Well, don’t worry. We got you covered. Today is all about prepositions in Arabic and how to use them the right way. After all, we are Kaleela. We teach you Arabic the right way.

We Understand How it is

To learn Arabic, it is important to be able to form sentences in Arabic. However, despite having a great vocabulary, it is important to be able to connect these words using appropriate prepositions. Prepositions in Arabic are an important part of speech that link verbs, nouns, pronouns and phrases together in a sentence. They help introduce the object of preposition which could be either a phrase or a word. They’re also easy to learn and so we will go through some of them one by one. First things first, when learning prepositions in Arabic, you have to list them. We can translate the list of prepositions in Arabic into English so that you may relate them and understand which is which.

The list of prepositions we will discuss are about, with, to, on, in, from, at and for, so grab a pen and write these Arabic prepositions!

Arabic Prepositions Coming your Way!

About in Arabic is ‘an (عن). However, about meaning ‘in regards to’ in Arabic is hawl (حول).With in Arabic is ma’a (مع). To in Arabic is ila- (إلى). On in Arabic is ‘alaa (على). In in Arabic is fii (في). From in Arabic is also ‘an (عن) meaning ‘away from’. However, from is also min (من). At in Arabic is ‘alaa (على) and finally, for in Arabic is li- (ل).

Memorizing these will automatically make your sentences better as these are useful everyday prepositions. Although there are more prepositions to learn, you can take it step by step.

Make sure to write them down and know their meanings as sometimes a preposition can have a different meaning such as ‘about’.

In fact, learning language is all about constant practice so practice putting these prepositions into sentences. It can help you memorize the Arabic prepositions as well as improve your Arabic vocabulary by utilizing it. We can do this every day when doing anything such as eating breakfast, when waiting, or even while shopping!

How to Take it from Here

Try to create sentences using prepositions on basic daily activities. Overall, this can help you learn Arabic since it allows you to practice your Arabic grammar as well. Arabic prepositions are vital to the structure of Arabic sentences as they can influence the meaning of the sentence.

Now that you have a basic understanding of these Arabic prepositions, go out there and speak to your family about where you hid that sandwich in the fridge. Better yet, try playing a game of actually hiding things around the house. Use the Arabic prepositions to explain where they are. If this is too boring, try doing something similar with your friends. That will surely take the game to the next level.

Good luck!