Hello fellow language enthusiasts! We’re keeping things consistent on our blog and we are continuing the series of common Arabic words. And do not hesitate to check our previous posts with Arabic basics. The purpose of these articles is to provide guidance to any language learner as we are aware that new beginnings can be confusing and maybe intimidating. Now, as per some methods used by polyglots (people who made language learning a hobby), it is recommended that you know a few hundred basic words and upon that build sentences. Even if the phrases are simple, that is enough to get your speaking started. In this article we would want to list a few names of places you might need in your future conversations. These would be great to remember when traveling abroad and trying to find your way around.

School in Arabic / madrasah / مدرسة

When it comes to schooling, Arabs place high value on education. And when you think about it, it’s for good reasons. Throughout history, Arabs had great contribution in sciences like math, astronomy, medicine.

University in Arabic / jaami’ah / جامعة

What would be the next step after finishing school? University of course. And this is the way to say it.

Class in Arabic / Saf / صف

We kept the same tone until now about places related to the education field. Classes is another popular word that might be useful for you.

Home in Arabic / bayt / بيت

A home is quintessential for an Arab. Because a house is just a place with no significance, but a home is where your loved ones are. And the family is one of the most important aspects of the Middle Eastern society. You might hear this word quite often coming out from an Arab.

Hospital in Arabic / mustashfaa / مستشفى

Is is said that few of the best hospitals in the world are in the Middle East. It is actually expected since Arabs are the forefathers of modern medicine.

Pharmacy in Arabic / Saydaliyyah / صيدلية

This word is particularly useful if you are traveling and you need to ask for directions. So you might want to keep this word in mind.

Shop in Arabic / matjar / متجر

One other things Arabs are known for is their trading skills. In fact, trade is a sector that is still prosperous in the Middle East. While the citizens of some Western countries prefer to go to one shopping center where they find everything fast and easy, in the Arab world you will see many small shops managed by very skillful entrepreneurs.

Hotel in Arabic / funduq / فندق

Arab countries are a popular vacation destination, so you don’t need to worry about finding a hotel as per your needs and wants.

Airport in Arabic / maTaar / مطار

And after checking out of your hotel, you’d want to know how to say airport in Arabic to your driver.

Office in Arabic / maktab / مكتب

This is a popular and mentioned place no matter what part of the world you live in. So might as well know how to say it in Arabic.

This would be our suggestions for some popular places in Arabic language. Just like the rest of the basic Arabic words we provided previously, we strongly advise practicing. Learning a new language is worth the effort and Arabic will truly live up to its name as unique. And lastly, make the most of technology’s potential as a powerful learning tool and check out the Kaleela app to help you with your language learning.