Culture Skill

If anybody wants to learn Arabic language, students should realize that the language is a way of communication that carries the Arab culture. The things that people think are important, like family, hospitality, social interactions and so on all deal with cultural values.

The knowledge of daily routines and behavior are all linked to cultural behavior. On the other hand the development of intercultural sensitivity and awareness, using the language are linked to cultural skills.

A speaker cannot translate a native language word by word into a target language or vice versa and meaning is carried through the tone of voice of the speaker of a language. That’s why the creators of Kaleela came up with the idea of introducing words and sentences that carry deep cultural meaning in Arabic language and with their Arabic pronunciation.

Learning Arabic for beginners and advanced students should contain this topic (either separate or included within other lessons) that help learners develop cultural skills. Speaking is not enough if it’s not paired with intonation or body language.