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Kaleela was created based on the five skills of language: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Culture. By learning these five skills, students will have full access to the language as native speakers do enabling efficient language acquisition. The lessons and exercises offer video and audio content, later on practicing the written and spoken Arabic


This skill helps consolidating the grasp of Arabic vocabulary and grammar of the learner


Is a skill that enables the student to understand every word of the message thoroughly. Kaleela incorporated lessons and exercises that asks the student to listen and repeat the words and letters presented


Is the manifestation of the language used as a tool for communication. After listening the words and letters, students are asked to repeat. In time, any student will learn to speak Arabic fluently


It helps the student improve all parts of the Arabic language. Learn to read Arabic script more efficiently in time with Kaleela’s comprehension exercises


It teaches students how you develop cultural sensitivity, cultural skill and building cultural awareness. Kaleela offers courses of Arabic etiquette and conduct

Why Kaleela?

Speak Arabic like a native! Train with a multitude of practical topics designed to make you fluent easily

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Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic dialects or Arabic alphabet, Kaleela has them all! Check them out on our Arabic learning app



Kaleela was created in accordance to the individual needs and gaps reported by students while trying to learn Arabic online

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