Basic 2 - Learn Basics In Arabic Language With Kaleela

As we move along and learn basics words in Arabic, let’s look at how you can get started the path to success in your Arabic journey.   First, to do well in learning the language, you must know why you learning it. For example, you may be learning Arabic so that you can use it in everyday conversations. Then again, you might be learning it because you want to travel to the Middle East and you want to learn more about Arab culture before you leave. Finally, you may be learning it because you want to engage in business with the Arabs.   So, now that you know the reason why you want to learn Arabic, you are going to have to find resources to learn from. Luckily, you’ve chosen the Kaleela Arabic learning app and we’ve already found the Arabic words and phrases you need to know to master the language. Today, it’s time to learn a more words and phrases in Arabic. As you know, there are several words and phrases that are used regularly in day to day conversation, but these words may or may not be useful for having a conversation or forming a sentence. As a result with this lesson, you’ll learn some more popular words and phrases that you are likely to hear and use on a regular basis.   Finally, don’t forget learning Arabic. Learning Arabic isn’t easy. However, Kaleela has many lessons available to help you learn the language the right way. You’ll just need to dedicate a specific amount of time each day to learning new words and phrases. So, are you ready to get started on your Arabic journey? Let’s go!



























I have/ own


















What is/ are?


For more info regarding the Basics and how to learn Arabic online, you can download the Arabic learning app Kaleela to learn Arabic the right way.