Numbers in Arabic - Learn Numbers In Arabic Language With Kaleela

Learning Arabic numbers is one of the most crucial building blocks of learning the language. First,  along with the Arabic abjad and its script, it’s a good preface to learning a new language. As a result, if you master the Arabic abjad and Arabic numbers, you’re well on your way to learning the real language.   We know that you’ve seen all of the lists that like to tout how hard Arabic is to learn; still, we refute the idea that Arabic is harder to learn than any other language. As an example, you need to look no further than the pleasant surprise of learning to count in Arabic. In other words, it is relatively easy and painless.   Given that, just by learning a few new numbers in Arabic, you’ll be ready to count to even the highest of numbers. Also, think of all of the rewards you’ll gain! For instance, you’ll be able to do things like telling the time, count your change, convert kilometers to miles, call that mobile number and get the job need -  all of those other things you need math for in English; however, now you can do them in Arabic, too.  

Much to your surprise, you already use Arabic numbers. That is, one of the Arabic language's many gifts to the modern world is that the numbers we use in the West have their basis in the Arabic numbers system, which took over from Roman numbers in Europe during the Middle Ages. That is to say, instead of the Roman MMXX, we use the Arabic number 2020. However, that doesn’t make it any easier for you when learning Arabic, as they now use the Hindu-Arabic numbers where 2020 is written ٢٠٢٠.























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