Marhaba! To continue our series of useful Arabic basics, we will present the Arabic number system. Don’t forget to check our previous articles regarding colors in Arabic, basic Arabic sentences, and basic Arabic words. We at Kaleela believe that we should first cover the basics, numbers being one of them. Let’s say you’re in one of the Arab cities, in a souq at a café with a friend and you want to order 2 cups of Turkish coffee. We already showed you how to say Please in Arabic (Law samaht) suggestion.

The numeral system was first invented by Indian mathematicians and then it was adopted in Arabic mathematics by the 9th century. Currently, it is the most widespread numeral system between the nations as they later on borrowed it from Arabs. However, Arab nations sometimes write the numbers (Al-arqaam – الأرقام) differently, using what is called the Eastern Arabic numerals. We will offer the graphic representation and also present numbers in Arabic words, so it may help with your alphabet practicing. First, please see the table below for the numeral symbols and their correspondent:

0123456789Modern script
٠١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩Arabic script

Let’s take a look at how to write in Arabic

0 in Arabicsifrصفر
1 in Arabicwahidواحد
2 in Arabic‘ithnaanإثنان
3 in Arabicthlathahثلاثة
4 in Arabic‘arba’ahأربعة
5 in Arabickhamsahخمسة
6 in Arabicsittahستة
7 in Arabicsab’ahسبعة
8 in Arabicthmaanyahثمانية
9 in Arabictis’ahتسعة
10 in Arabic‘ashrahعشرة
11 in Arabic‘ehdaa ‘asharإحدى عشر
12 in Arabic‘ethna ‘asharإثنى عشر
13 in Arabicthalathat ‘asharثلاثة عشر
14 in Arabic‘arb’at ‘asharأربعة عشر
15 in Arabickhmsat asharخمسة عشر
16 in Arabicsettat ‘asharستة عشر
17 in Arabicsab’at ‘asharسبعة عشر
18 in Arabicthmanyeat ‘asharثمانية عشر
19 in Arabictis’at ‘asharتسعة عشر
20 in Arabic‘ushroonعشرون
21 in Arabicwaḫid wa-’ishroonواحد و عشرون
22 in Arabic‘ithnane wa-’ishroonإثنان وعشرون
23 in Arabictalaata wa-’ishroonثلاثة و عشرون
24 in Arabic‘arba’ah wa-’ishroonأربعة و عشرون
25 in Arabickhamsah wa-’ishroonخمسة و عشرون
26 in Arabicsittah wa-’ishroonستة و عشرون
27 in Arabicsab’ah wa-’ishroonسبعة وعشرون
28 in Arabicthmaanyah wa-’ishroonثمانية و عشرون
29 in Arabictis’ah wa-’ishroonتسعة و عشرون

For the upcoming cardinal numbers, we will not write the full list, as it follows the same pattern.

For example 37 is sab’a wa- thalatun (سبعة وثلاثون) , 53 is thalata wa-khamsun (ثلاثة وخمسون) and so on.

30 in Arabicthalaathoonثلاثون
40 in Arabic‘arba’oonأربعون
50 in Arabickhamsoonخمسون
60 in Arabicsittoonستون
70 in Arabicsab’oonسبعون
80 in Arabicthamaanoonثمانون
90 in Arabictis’oonتسعون
100 in Arabicmaa’ahمائة
1000 in Arabic‘alfألف
2000 in Arabic‘alfaanألفان
100.000 in Arabicma’ata ‘alfمائة ألف
1.000.000 in Arabicmillyoonمليون

Hope you enjoyed this! Also, we would strongly advise that you try and write the Arabic numbers, aside from the alphabet. Kaleela will continue offering you comprehensive content to aid you in learning Arabic.

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