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Learn Basic Arabic Words: Part Five

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Learn Basic Arabic Words: Part Five

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of our five-part series on 100 essential words and phrases that you should know if you’re just learning Arabic for beginners.  Like all the parts that came before, we’ve also included some example phrases and questions that you can see the word used in.

100 Core Arabic Vocabulary Words (Part 5)

English Transliteration Arabic
head raʾs رأس 
hair shaear شعر
tooth sini سن
arm thira ذراع 
hand yad يد 
finger ʾisbaʿ اصبع
neck raabah رقبه
chest sadar صدر
back eawda عودة
knee rakba ركبة
leg saq ساق 
foot qadam قدم 
toe ‘iisbae qadam إصبع قدم
who? mn althi من الذى؟
what? madha? ماذا؟
where? ‘ayn? أين؟
when? maty? متي؟
why? limadha a? لماذا ا؟
How many? kam aleidad? كم العدد؟
How much? kam althamana? كم الثمن؟

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