Modern Standard Arabic

Course Practices

Course Description

When putting together the teaching material, the creators of Kaleela realized that the best way to learn Arabic online is to teach non-natives the fundamentals of Arabic language through an initial Modern Standard Arabic course. Any student with or without any prior knowledge will be able to get a grasp of the language, since the course is taught in a comprehensive way.


It is a starting point for each individual to begin their own Arabic language journey, later on being able to dive into their chosen dialect. Learning MSA will give you cross-dialectal fluency as the vocabulary overlaps with all Arabic dialects.


Unlike the previous course which is limited to teaching the Arabic alphabet, the MSA lessons will aid the student in real life situations, from identifying objects, people and environments, forming and responding to questions, to producing sentences that are used daily.


This course covers many topics such as basics, greetings, family, relatives and friends, housing and accommodation, numbers, weather, telling time, shopping, calendar, daily routine, common phrases, shopping, transportation, clothing, food, jobs, nationality and many more to come. In short, an individual who started to learn basic Arabic words will enhance their vocabulary and move to more advanced levels.


The student can choose which topic they want to study, rather than following a singular rigid path. Since language acquisition consists of many steps, at the end of each course, individuals will encounter fun, interactive and diverse quizzes which will enhance their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills altogether.