Best Middle Eastern Countries to Visit by Summer’s End

Gary Greer 1/8/2023
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Things sure have gotten hot during the peak months of summer in this year, haven’t they? In fact, America’s Great Plains saw temps around 115°F (46°C) and in London they reached 104°F (40C)°. Indeed, both rivaled the temps found in even the most beautiful Arab cities.

Still, as they say, some like it hot and if you’re one of those some, then read on. This isn’t an article on “15 Attractions in the Middle East” or “Visit These Top 10 cities in Middle East”. Rather, we’re discussing five of the most visited countries in the Middle East to visit while a little summer’s left.

Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia

When you think of the best country in Middle East for beach going, you likely don’t think of Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi’s beaches along the Persian Gulf are some of the most beautiful in the Middle East. Take Ras Tanura, for instance. The nearly unspoiled white sand beach is lined with palm trees and dotted with palm tree umbrellas. What’s more, the pristine waters will make you think that the color aquamarine was invented here. On weekends, you’ll find this public beach a popular spot for both tourists and locals. However, on weekdays you’ll almost feel you have the whole place to yourself.  

Baatara Gorge, Lebanon


The Baatara Gorge Waterfall is about 90 minutes northeast of Beirut, Lebanon, which makes for a great day trip. Also known as “Baloue Balaa”, the gorge is a great place to stay cool in the summer. Walking over the gorge’s three bridges offers spectacular views of the 255-meter-high (837ft) waterfall that are truly amazing. Indeed, it’s one of the most unique and beautiful waterfalls in there world to spend a summer day at.


Ras Shaitan, Egypt


Ras Shaitan (“Devil’s Head”) may sound like hell, but it’s heaven for those who love to relax and enjoy nature. It was originally called Ras al Shateen (“The Head of Two Beaches”) because rocks divided the beaches in two. However, tourists who came to relax here seemed to have trouble pronouncing the name, so it became “Ras Shaitan”. Nevertheless, today you can visit this Bedouin camp for the adventure of a lifetime. As you might have guessed, from diving and snorkeling to swimming, water sports are king here. However, for nature lovers, you’ll enjoy mountain climbing, a desert safari, and camping under the starry skies. Visit Ras Shaitan on your summer vacation. Otherwise, you’ll be scratching your head wondering how you missed the best Middle East country to visit for beaches – Egypt!

Jerash, Jordan

Located north of the capital of Amman, the city of Jerash has been settled since the Bronze Age. However, most people visit what was once known as “Gerasa” for its Greco-roman ruins. Here you’ll find the 2nd-century Hadrian’s Arch, Corinthian columns of the Temple of Artemis and the huge Forum’s oval colonnade. Summers are a special time to visit because that’s when Jordan holds its annual Jerash Festival. The event is a showcase of traditional Arab music and Arab pop, alongside opera, folk music and dance, ballet, poetry and film. Oh, and did we mention the chariot races and gladiator shows? Indeed, a few summer days in Jerash and you’ll see why Jordan’s a great country for exploring history.

Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman

The Bimmah Sinkhole lies in Hawiyat Najm Park in Northorn Oman. However, because it’s located near the city of Dibab, you’ll sometimes hear it called Dibab Sinkhole as well. The site is famous for its vibrant aquamarine water and it’s tiny fish used in Far East Asian pedicures. After a day full of nature and “spa treatment”, maybe Oman isn’t just a nice place to visit. Maybe it’s also the best Middle East country to live in.


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