Reading skill

Enhancing and developing the reading skill is important as it enables us to comprehend the written equivalent of spoken language. In the case of Arabic language, learn to read Arabic is one of the first steps, along with Arabic writing. That’s why the team behind Kaleela noticed that the best way to learn Arabic is by developing the reading skill along with writing. When a student starts to learn to read Arabic, it actually helps with developing language intuition in the corrected form and later on imitating the words and producing similar sentences to express the desired meaning.

When students comprehend or understand written text, and combine their understanding with prior knowledge, they are able to identify simple facts presented in the script, make judgments about the content of the written text and connect the text to other written passages and situations. The possession of a good reading skill will enable the individual to assimilate a written piece of work within a short period while reading.

So regardless of a student’s choice to learn Levantine Arabic, learn Egyptian Arabic or learn Modern Standard Arabic, Kaleela contains reading exercises and lessons for every level.