If you’re one of the over ten million people who, like me, suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons, it’s that time of the year when you may be feeling a little more down than you do in those happy-go-lucky days of summer. However, I have some good news for you because today we’re going to try to have one big, happy pity party for each other by starting to learn basic Arabic words you can use when you’re feeling a little bit down in the dumps. So, don’t worry, be happy and let’s get this (pity) party started, shall we? (And, hey, it’s you’re party so you can cry if you want to).

Let’s try some roleplaying

With the days being a lot shorter at this time of year, maybe you feel like you’re متضايق / mitdhaayiʼ (upset) and start يعيط / yʻayyiT (to cry).
So your friend sees you and asks, “بتعيط ليه؟“ / “bitʻayyiT leeh?” (“Why are you crying?”)
You answer, “انا جدا مستاء.” / ʼana jidaan mustaaʼ (“I’m very upset.”).
“ليش؟” / “leesh?” (“Why?”), your friend presses.
لا أدري، لا أعرف” / “laa ʼadree, laa ʼaʻrifu.” (“I don’t know.”), you reply.
Your friend responds with: “ما تزعلش، كله هيبقى تمام.”/ “maa tizʻalsh, kulluh hayibʼaa tamaam.” (“Don’t be sad. Everything is going to be okay.”).
And you know what? Everything really is going to be okay.
Everybody gets زعلان /zaʻlaan (sad) once in a while. Maybe you feel زعلان / zaʻlaan because you feel وحيد / waHeed (lonely).
Or you have feelings for someone but don’t want to tell them because you’re afraid هتتعور / hatitʻawwar (you’ll get hurt).


Maybe you’re مش متحمس / mish mutaHammis (discouraged) and feel like a  فاشل / faashil  (failure) because you got a C on your Physics exam. You’re sure your parents will say “! هو طالب فاشل“ / huwa Taalib faashil !” (He’s a failed student!) and be محبط / muHbaT (disappointed) because they want you to be an engineer. You can hear your father now:  “! حاسس إني محبط بسبب تصرفاتك” / “Haasis ʼinnee muHbaT bisabab taSarrufaatak! (“Your acts disappoint me!”) with that نظرة حزينة على وجهه /naDHrah Hazeenah ʻalaa wajhuh (sad look on his face) that makes you want يعيط / yʻayyiT even more.
Maybe you’re stuck in learning Arabic. You want to learn to speak Arabic fluently, but you don’t seem to make progress and want to shout “! طهقان” / “Tahʼaan!” (“I’m through!”).
Most of all you’re probably (bored) with people telling you “!ما تبقاش سلبي” / maa tbʼaash salbee! (“Don’t be negative!”)
Well, I am here to tell you that your friend is, indeed, exactly right.
“ماتزعلش، كله هيبقى تمام.”/ “maa tizʻalsh, kulluh hayibʼaa tamaam
Don’t be sad. Everything is going to be okay.

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