Sandboarding in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Gary Greer 10/11/2022
Arab Culture

Dude, have you always dreamed about traveling the world and catching the gnarly waves of all the seven seas? Well, we’re betting that you never thought the Middle East would be a way awesome place for surfing, too, huh? Sure, in the Arab world, there’s mostly just the sand and sun in the “surf, sand, and sun”. However, you’ll find sandboarding in UAE countries just as epic as surfing the waves off of sunny California.


Located in one of the largest deserts in the world - Dubai and Abu Dhabi are totally awesome sandsurfing spots. Indeed, whether it’s sand surfing Dubai or sandboarding Abu Dhabi, the Arabian Desert is way great for sandboarding UAE-style.


Locales for Sand Boarding in Dubai or Sand Boarding Abu Dhabi


Below are some primo locations to enjoy some awesome sandboarding down one of the many red dunes in the area:


Al Badayer Oasis

After driving less than hour away from Dubai and Sharjah, you’ll be welcomed by “Big Red”.  For sure, the steep slopes of Al Badayer’s way famous red dune are perfect for shredding some sand. Also, the oasis is, like, way picturesque - its red-hued peaks and valleys looking like giant waves. And don’t worry if you didn’t bring your own board. Many area tour companies will give you everything you need as part of their desert safari tours.


Al Faya Desert

Nicknamed the “Big Fall”, the Al Faya Desert is said have some of the largest dunes in the UAE. Not  far from Abu Dhabi,  you can do a variety of activities there, the sand surfing is unrivalled.


Lahbab Desert

About 40 minutes away from Dubai is the Lahbab Desert. Here you’ll find red ridges of sand that are mostly short but still awesome enough for some great sandboarding.


Liwa Oasis

Liwa Oasis is home to the Moreeb Dune. At nearly one mile (1.6 km.) long and a thousand feet (300 m.) tall, it’s one of the largest dunes in the world. With that in mind, you know there are just so many gnarly places to shred some sand here.


Little Liwa

Finally, Little Liwa another part of the desert that awaits some way serious sand surfing.  Located in the Sweihan Desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Little Liwa is a sandsurfers paradise with massive bowls, steep ridges and long rides down.  In fact, there are places where the sand breaks faster than the descent of your board. This makes your board growl like you’ll hear nowhere else.


What to Wear When Dune Surfing Dubai or Abu Dhabi


Dude, it’s the desert. That means it’s going to be a scorcher during the day and chilly as all get out at night. So, it’s best if you, like, layer your clothes accordingly. Long-sleeved shirts and pants, some type of head cover, sunglasses, and socks are suggested to sun stroke and heat-related injury. Also, keep yourself hydrated and always, always, ALWAYS wear sunscreen.




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