Supermarket conversation in Arabic

Supermarket conversation in Arabic

Supermarket conversation in Arabic

When it comes to food, we all smile. Today is all about grocery shopping. It is great if you already know your way around the supermarket, but what if you don’t find what you are looking for? You need to know all Arabic words for store and grocery uses.

Right now, we are going to go all supermarket and grocery store in Arabic to make sure you always find any missing items on the shelves!

Let’s start with the Arabic word for store or grocery store which means بقالة – baqqala. Imagine you are in a baqqala right now: Let’s get educated with all common phrases and various grocery items that you are most likely to stumble upon.

Common phrases in Arabic

هذا مكلف That is expensive Hatha moklif
هذا سعره جيد That is a good price Hatha si’roho jayed
أريد هذا I want this (one) Oredo hatha
بكم هذا الغرض؟ How much does this item cost? Bikam hatha al gharad?
أريد أن أشتري… I want to buy… Oredo an ashtari
أريد أن أدفع بالشيك. I want to pay by cheque Oredo an adfa’a bl shek
ممكن أن أشتري… هنا؟ May I buy … here? Momkin an ashtari … hona?
لا أستطيع أكل السكر I can’t eat sugar La astatee’ an akol al sokar
أبحث عن علامة تجارية معينة I am looking for a particular brand. Ab-hath an alama tijariya
هل تبيع…؟ Do you sell…? Hal tabee’
أريد شيئا أقل تكلفة لو سمحت I want something less expensive please Oredo shay’an akal taklofa la samaht
أفضل هذا / هذه I prefer this (one) Ofadil hatha / hathehi
هذا السعرمقبول That price is acceptable Hatha si’r maqbool
سأدفع… I will pay… Sa adfaa’
لا أريد أن أدفع أكثر من…. I don’t want to pay more than… La ored an adfa’ akthar
هل يمكنك أن تقبل أقل؟ Can you take less? Hal yomkinoka an taqbal akthar
هل تقبل بطاقات الائتمان؟ Do you accept credit cards? Hal taqbal bitaqat I’timan
بكم هذا؟ How much is this? Bikam hatha?
أنا فقط أنظر I’m just looking Ana faqat anthor
هذا مكلف جدا This is too expensive Hatha moklif jiddan


محل البقالة مفتوح The grocery store is open in Arabic Mahal al baqqala maftooh
مغلق Closed in Arabic Moghlaq
عربة التسوق Shopping cart in Arabic Arabat tasawoq
سلة Basket in Arabic Salla
هل لديك أرز؟ Do you have rice in Arabic Hal ladayka aroz
يشتري Buy in Arabic Yashtari
يدفع Pay in Arabic Yadfa’
في أي ممر؟ In what aisle in Arabic Fi ay mamar?
محل جزارة Butcher shop in Arabic Mahal jzara
مخبز Bakery in Arabic Makhbaz
أين الماء؟ Where is the water in Arabic Aynal maa’?
يطبخ Cook in Arabic Yatbokh
تناول العشاء مع العائلة Have dinner with the family in Arabic Tanawol al ashaa’ ma’ al aa’ila
أنا جائع I am hungry in Arabic Ana ja’i
يُعد المائدة Set the table in Arabic Yo3id al ma’ida


لحم بقر Beef in Arabic Lahim baqar
لحم العجل Veal in Arabic Lahim ijil
لحم الخنزير Ham in Arabic Lahim khanzeer
دجاج Chicken in Arabic Dajaj
ديك رومي Turkey in Arabic Deek roomi
بط Duck in Arabic But
لحم مُقدد Bacon in Arabic Lahim moqaddad
نقانق Hot dog in Arabic Naqaniq
هامبورجر Hamburger in Arabic Hamburger
شريحة لحم Steak in Arabic Shareehat lahim
لحم الخنزير Pork in Arabic Lahim al khanzeer
شريحة من لحم البقر Filet mignon in Arabic Shareeha min lahm al baqari
سجق Sausage in Arabic Sajaq
قطع لحم الضأن Lamb chop in Arabic Qita’ lahim alda’in ma’ adim

Fruits and vegetables

فاكهة Fruit in Arabic Fakiha
كرز Cherries in Arabic Karaz
فراولة Strawberries in Arabic Frawla
ليمون Lemon in Arabic Laymoon
تفاحة Apple in Arabic Tufaha
برتقال Orange in Arabic Bortuqal
كمثرى Pear in Arabic Kamathra
موز Banana in Arabic Mooz
عنب Grapes in Arabic Enab
جريب فروت Grapefruit in Arabic Grapefruit
بطيخ Watermelon in Arabic Bateekh
أناناس Pineapple in Arabic Ananas
خوخ Plum in Arabic Khookh
درّاق Peach in Arabic Dorraq
خضروات Vegetables in Arabic Khodrawat
باذنجان Eggplant in Arabic Bathinjan
كرفس Celery in Arabic Krafs
جوز الهند Coconut in Arabic Jooz hind
كوسة Zucchini in Arabic Koosa
ثوم Garlic in Arabic Thoom
مانجو Mango in Arabic Manga
بصل Onion in Arabic Basal
مشمش Apricot in Arabic Mishmish
سبانخ Spinach in Arabic Sbanikh
البرسيمون Persimmon in Arabic Barsemon
رمان Pomegranate in Arabic Romman
سلطة Salad in Arabic Salata
فاصولياء خضراء Green beans in Arabic Fasooliya khadra
كيوي Kiwi in Arabic Kiwi
خيار Cucumber in Arabic Khyar
ليتشي Litchi in Arabic Litchi
فلفل Pepper in Arabic Filfil
لونجان Longan in Arabic Longan
أفوكادو Avocado in Arabic Avocado
أنا أحب الكرفس I like celery in Arabic Ana ohibo al krafs
فجل Radish in Arabic Fijil
أنا لا أحب الثوم I do not like garlic in Arabic Ana la ohibo al thoom
ملفوف Cabbage in Arabic Malfoof

Dairy products

منتجات الألبان Dairy in Arabic Montajat alban
حليب Milk in Arabic Haleeb
مثلجاتIce cream in ArabicMuthalajaat
زبدة Butter in Arabic Zibda
جبن Cheese in Arabic Jibin
كريمة Cream in Arabic Krema
أطعمة مُجمدة Frozen food in Arabic At’ima mojamada
لبن زبادي Yogurt in Arabic Laban zabadi
بيض Eggs in Arabic Baid


حبوب Cereal in Arabic Hboob
كعك Cookie in Arabic Ka’ak
سكر Sugar in Arabic Sukkar
الرغيف الفرنسي Baguette in Arabic Al ragheef al faransi
غير مسموح لي بأكل السكر I am not allowed to eat sugar in Arabic Ghair masmooh le bi akil al sukkar
رغيف إفرنجي صغير Roll in Arabic Ragheef ifranji sagheer
فطيرة محشوة Tart in Arabic Fateera mahshuwa
التحلية Dessert in Arabic Al tahliya
كعكة Cake in Arabic Ka’kaa
شطيرة Sandwich in Arabic Shateera
خبز Bread in Arabic Khoboz

Well done, everyone! Our lists ends here, bsut not our learning. Now that you know all the different terms to getting your way around the local supermarket or grocery store, go ahead and try them.

Knowing these words is wonderful, but they must be used to make sure you actually do know them. The moment they become your default, that is when you know you are hitting on that expert level.

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