No matter how good your Arabic is, most people in Arabic speaking countries will know you’re not a native speaker, so if you’re a foreigner visiting or living in an Arab country, you might be frequently asked the following question: min ‘ayn ‘ant? . Basically, an Arab is asking you, “Where are you from?”.

You can answer this simply with the country you’re from: ana min britaniaa (I’m from Britain). But you can also answer by using the nationality form: ‘ana britanee (I’m British).

Today we’ll be going over country names In Arabic and their nationalities.

Countries in Arabic

English NameArabic NameTransliteration
Albania in Arabicألبانيا‘albaanyaa
Britain in Arabicبريطانياbritaanyaa
Austria in Arabicالنمساannamsaa
Belgium in Arabicبلجيكاbaljeekaa
France in Arabicفرنساfaransaa
Bulgaria in Arabicبلغارياbilghaaryaa
Croatia in Arabicكرواتياkirwaatyaa
Cyprus in Arabicقبرصqubrus
Denmark in Arabicالدنماركaddinimaark
Germany in Arabicألمانيا‘almaanyaa
Greece in Arabicيونانyunaan
Hungary in Arabicهنغارياhingaaryaa
Iceland in Arabicأيسلندا‘ayslaandaa
Ireland in Arabicأيرلنداirlandaa
Italy in Arabicإيطاليا‘itaalyaa
Netherlands in Arabicهولنداhulandaa
Norway in Arabicالنرويجannarweej
Poland in Arabicبولنداbulandaa
Portugal in Arabicالبرتغالalburtugaal
Romania in Arabicرومانياrumaaniaa
Russia in Arabicروسياroosyaa
Serbia in ArabicصربياSirbyaa
Spain in Arabicإسبانيا‘espaanyaa
Sweden in Arabicالسويدassuwaid
Switzerland in Arabicسويسراsweesraa
Ukraine in Arabicأوكرانيا‘ukraanyaa

Nationalities in Arabic

Nationality English nameArabic nameTransliteration
Albanian in Arabicألباني‘albanee
British in Arabicبريطانيbritanee
Austrian in Arabicنمساويnamsawee
Belgian in Arabicبلجيكيbaljeekee
French in Arabicفرنساfaransee
Bulgarian in Arabicبلغاريbulghaaree
Croatian in Arabicكرواتيkarwatee
Cypriot in Arabicقبرصيqubrusee
Dane in Arabicدنماركيdinmaarkee
German in Arabicألماني‘allmanee
Greek in Arabicيونانيyunaanee
Hungarian in Arabicهنغاريhanghaaree
Icelander in Arabicأيسلندي‘ayslandee
Irish in Arabicأيرلندي‘ayrlandee
Italian in Arabicإيطالي‘etaalee
Dutch in Arabicهولنديhulandee
Norwegian in Arabicنرويجيnarweejee
Polish in Arabicبولنديbulandee
Portuguese in Arabicبرتغاليburtughalee
Romanian in Arabicرومانيrumanee
Russian in Arabicروسيroosee
Serbian in ArabicصربيSirbee
Spanish in Arabicإسباني‘esbanee
Swedish in Arabicسويديsweedee
Swiss in Arabicسويسريsweesree
Ukrainian in Arabicأوكراني‘ukraanee

Let’s see some examples

Finally, a list of sentences about languages, nationalities, and countries plus some bonus phrases. For a complete list of commonly used sentences, please visit our Arabic Phrases article. Enjoy!

I live in Americaأنا أعيش في أمريكا‘anaa ‘a’eesh fee ‘amreekaa
I want to learn Spanishأنا أريد تعلم الإسبانية‘anaa ‘ureed ta’alum al’espaaniaa
My mother tongue is Germanلغتي الأم هي الألمانيةlughatee al’um hiya al’almaaniyaa
Spanish is easy to learnالإسبانية سهلة التعلمal’espaanyaa sahlat ata’alum
I love French cheeseأنا أحب الجبن الفرنسي‘anaa ‘uhib aljubn alfaransee
I’m Italianأنا إيطالي‘anaa ‘itaalee
My father is Greekوالدي يونانيwaalidee yunaanee
I want to go to Germanyأريد أن أذهب إلى ألمانيا‘ureed ‘an ‘athhaba ‘ilaa ‘almaaniaa
Long time no seeلم أراك منذ مدةlam ‘araaka munthu muddah
I speak Italianأنا أتكلم الإيطالية‘anaa ‘atakalam al’itaaliyaa
Make yourself at home!البيت بيتكalbayt baytuk
I came from Spainجئت من إسبانياje’tu min ‘espaaniaa
Have a good tripرحلة موفقةrihlah muwafaqah
I was born in Italyلقد ولدت في إيطالياlaqad wulidtu fee ‘itaalyaa

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