Writing Skill

Another desire students often expressed was to acquire the ability and know how to write Arabic letters and words. It helps understand the text and write compositions, later on developing the ability to use the Arabic language freely. When writing, students can gradually process words, maybe even looking them up first before transferring them onto paper or even a digital document.

With that, they’re also able to learn Arabic pronunciation and spellings, and also learn basic Arabic words as they go. Once done, language learners are advised to look back at their Arabic writing. Moreover, writing is proven to be helpful in retaining information because putting learning into practice is important for cementing it in one’s mind. When writing, people putt some degree of thought into evaluating and ordering the information that is being received.

That process is what helps fix ideas more firmly leading to a greater recall. So, when you constantly practice Arabic writing, students are less and less likely to forget what they’ve learned. Also, the Kaleela Arabic app treats writing as a way to not just applying knowledge, but also a tool to continually improve vocabulary and sentence structure. Plus, students can also practice reading skill with it!