Ahlan wa Sahlan! That would be a common greeting in Arabic, and if you will stay with us for this article, you will see what it means further down this composition. As you might have guessed already, here we will be mainly focusing on basic Arabic words, greetings, expressions, and questions. As you probably know, what would be the first thing you learn in a new language? The hellos, goodbyes, thank you, and so on. We’ve compiled a list of common words in Arabic and short Arabic phrases that would get you started in learning. 

Have a look at the below table

Hello in Arabicmarhabanمرحبًا
Ok in Arabichasananحسنًا
Goodbye in Arabici’lla il liqaa’إلى اللقاء
Thank you in Arabicshukranشكرًا
Excuse me in Arabicalma’thirahالمعذرة
You’re welcome in Arabic‘ala arrahb wa isse’ahعلى الرحب والسعة
Good morning in Arabicsabaah il khayrصباح الخير
Sorry in Arabic‘aasifآسف
Good night in Arabictusbah ‘alaa khayrتصبح على خير
Good evening in Arabicmasaa’ ilkhayrمساء الخير
Welcome in Arabic‘ahlanأهلًا
How are you in Arabickayfa haalukكيف حالك
I’m fine in Arabic‘anaa bikhayrأنا بخير
My name is in Arabicismee……اسمي
Please in Arabiclaw samahtلو سمحت
Happy birthday in Arabic‘eid melaad sa’eedعيد ميلاد سعيد
Congratulations in Arabicmubaarakمبارك
Good luck in Arabicbittawfeeqبالتوفيق
Yes in Arabic‘ajalأجل
No in Arabiclaaلا
I don’t know in Arabiclaa a’rifلا أعرف
I miss you in Arabicishtaqtu lakاشتقت لك
My love in Arabic habibi (m.)
habibti (f.)
Beautiful in Arabicjameelجميل
Family in Arabic’aa’ilahعائلة
Brother in Arabic‘akhأخ
Sister in Arabic‘ukhtأخت
Baby in Arabictiflطفل
Life in Arabichayaahحياة
Good in Arabicjayidجيد
Bad in Arabicsayi’سيئ
Happy in Arabicsa’eedسعيد
Happiness in Arabicsa’aadahسعادة
Help in Arabicmusaa’dahمساعدة
Restaurant in Arabicmat’amمطعم
Car in Arabicsayyaarahسيارة
Bread in Arabickhubzخبز
Home in Arabicbaytبيت
Dog in Arabickalbكلب
Cat in Arabicqittahقطة
Where are you in Arabic‘ayna ‘anta (m.)
‘ayna ‘anti (f.)
أين أنتَ؟
أين أنتِ؟
Where in Arabic‘aynأين؟
When in Arabicmataaمتى؟
What in Arabicmaathaaماذا؟
Why in Arabiclimaathaaلماذا؟
Sun in Arabicshamsشمس
Moon in Arabicqamarقمر


You’ve made it to the end of the list! It is common practice that a language student, at the beginning of his learning journey, will start with the most common basic words. We advise that you revise and practice these words. It will give you more confidence over time regarding pronunciation and flow of speech. We are always here to suggest ways on how to achieve fluency in Arabic.

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