Fluent In Arabic – How to Take Your Arabic to the Next Level

Dina Sarayra 2/17/2020
About Arabic language

Are we going to be entirely honest? Yes we are. Arabic is not easy to learn. The rules are much different than other languages, particularly English. So what is the secret potion that will open the realms of how to improve your Arabic language? With these tips in consideration you’ll be so advanced in Arabic, it’ll even blow your own mind.

Old School Magic

Arabic blogs are essentially one of the stepping stones on the route of the best ways to learning Arabic. They provide so much feedback in terms of the actual and practical use of the language. Many people share their feelings on certain words, things that confuse them and how they overcame those issues. Others ask for help or share their personal experiences which may be so similar to yours too! An Arabic blog can work magic more than most people assume, so get searching ladies and gentlemen! Right at the comfort of your bed. Yes, we enjoy that too.

Applications are Applicable

Another great tip is to google “read and speak Arabic for beginners”. Just kidding! Well, something not too far from that actually. Your phone is with you almost always. Well, without the almost. Finding apps that constantly send you notifications and reminds you of the word you should be learning, definitely adds up to your vocabulary. Not only do these apps enhance your language but they also guarantee your regular Arabic-learning journey to continue. Plus, apps walk around with you everywhere you go. And yes, that does include when you are waiting in line for McDonald’s. 


Moving from machines to people, some find having to experience real conversations with people is the best way to learn Arabic. The human interaction element plays a strong role in being actively engaged in the language. Many centers provide Arabic learners with “language partners” that speak Arabic with beginners through a fun outing. Think of it this way: you are going out, eating food (probably most important part), enjoying your time, shaking the responsibilities off for the day, talking to somebody that doesn’t know a thing about you AND you are exercising the best way to learn Arabic! If this is not the definition of a perfect hang out, I don’t know what is. Besides, who doesn’t like a fun day out with a stranger? Trust me; you’d be surprised from the things you’d say to somebody you know nothing about.


Yes, do dream big. But this is not what we mean. Who doesn’t like travelling? Um, I think the answer is no one. Exactly. Twenty-five countries speak Arabic as their official language, pick one and book a flight. Why not experience the language? There is no doubt that diction is not just words, it is the construction of culture, tradition and history working together elegantly to give birth to language. It is definitely more than sounded out words with frequencies to our ears. One of the best ways to learn Arabic is to experience the language with their people, the country and the culture itself. Again, this is another way to enjoy your time and learn at the same time.  

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