We’ve previously presented to you the most common basic Arabic words, but why not kick it up a notch and get the hang of a few commonly used Arabic phrases? By this point, you should feel more confident when approaching the language. See? It wasn’t as hard as you might’ve thought! With the right guidance, you can pass the mental barrier of learning a new language and learn the basic Arabic sentences easily.

Here is our list

What’s up in Arabicmaa al’akhbaar?ما الأخبار؟
How are you in Arabickayfa Haaluka? (m.)
kayfa Haaluki? (f.)
كيف حالُكَ؟
كيف حالُكِ؟
Nice to meet you in Arabicsurrirtu bi liqaa’ika (m.)
surrirtu bi liqaa’iki (f.)
سررت بلقائكَ
سررت بلقائكِ
Have a good day in Arabic‘atamna laka yawman jayidan (m.)
‘atamna laki yawman jayidan (f.)
أتمنى لكَ يوماً جيداً
أتمنى لكِ يوماً جيداً
What are you doing in Arabicmaathaa taf’al? (m.)
maathaa taf’aleen? (f.)
ماذا تفعل؟
ماذا تفعلين؟
Where are you going in Arabic‘illaa ‘ayna tathhab? (m.)
‘illaa ‘ayna tathhabeen? (f.)
إلى أين تذهب؟
إلى أين تذهبين؟
Where are you in Arabic‘ayna anta? (m.)
‘ayna anti? (f)
أين أنتَ؟
أين أنتِ؟
I love you in Arabic‘anaa ‘uhibuka (m.)
‘anaa ‘uhibuki (f)
أنا أحبكَ
أنا أحبكِ
See you soon in Arabic‘araaka qreeban (m.)
‘araaki qreeban (f.)
أراكَ قريباً
أراكِ قريباً
See you later in Arabic‘araaka laahiqan (m.)
‘araaki laahiqan (f.)
أراكَ لاحقاً
أراكِ لاحقاً
Thank you in Arabicshukranشكراً
No problem in Arabiclaa mushkilahلا مشكلة
What is your name in Arabicmaa ismuka? (m.)
maa ismuki? (f.)
ما اسمكَ؟
ما اسمكِ؟
What time is it in Arabickam ilsaa’ah?كم الساعة؟
Do you speak Arabic in Arabichal tatakalam al’arabiyah? (m.)
hal tatakalameena al’arabiyah? (f.)
هل تتكلم العربية؟
هل تتكلمين العربية؟
I don’t understand in Arabic‘anaa laa ‘afhamأنا لا أفهم
I don’t know in Arabiclaa ‘a’rifلا أعرف
Merry Christmas in Arabic‘eid meelaad majeedعيد ميلاد مجيد
Happy new year in Arabicsanah sa’eedahسنة سعيدة

In conclusion

We believe that if you want to enhance your vocabulary, a great way would be to learn the common phrases instead of using only lists. Even when traveling, the guide books that you might buy contain phrases that help you roam around your destination and not just isolated words. We hope this list will be of use in your future interactions with native Arab speakers and use those basic Arabic sentences fluently.

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