Do you want to learn Arabic vocabulary efficiently? Let’s say you just decided to study Arabic. You started quite enthusiastically, thinking that soon you will be able to speak and write Arabic. You subscribed to a few YouTube channels, listen to a few Arabic audiobooks, checked the alphabet and maybe you even tried to play some Arabic games on your phone. Soon enough, your enthusiasm started to deflate when you saw how different it is from your native language. Truth be told, you might be just a bit confused about the methods you chose to learn Arabic vocabulary.

Do not get discouraged

Do not believe that you need a special talent to learn a new language. Indeed it is said that Arabic is one of the hardest languages to learn. However, if you get the basics, you’ll see that it is just like any other. And don’t believe that there is a certain age limit to learning a new language. On the contrary, experts proved that if a student is older, the faster he or she can make connections that would aid in grasping a new skill faster.

Focus on the common Arabic words

You might want to know how to say your hello’s, goodbye’s and congratulations. For example: “Hello” in Arabic vocabulary is “Marhaba”, “Goodbye” in Arabic is “Ella al leqa’” or “Thank you” in Arabic is “Shokran”. We’ve previously posted an article with the most common basic Arabic words and expressions, as these would most probably be the first things you might start your learning journey with. You can find the article by clicking this link.

Keep repeating the new Arabic words that you learn

It is said that repetition is the mother of all learning. Which is great if, let’s say, you just learned the basics, even passed your self-assessment, and glanced upon your lessons afterward and noticed that you still have the hang of it! Keep repeating, it will most likely stick to you.

Read Arabic regularly

This is in tight relation to what we were referring to at point #3. A good way to repeat the words and expressions you learned is by reading Arabic regularly. Not only that, but you might also stumble upon new words, phrases, expressions, and Arabic vocabulary!

Listen to alternative Arabic words

One good thing about Arabic is that you can make a reference to something using a multitude of words for it, and any Arab will understand you. For example, the English word “love” has 11 counterparts in Arabic, each of them conveys a different stage in the process of falling in love (for example “hawa” describes the initial attraction, “alaaqa”, describes the next stage when the heart begins to attach itself to the beloved, before evolving into a blind desire “ishq” and all-consuming love “shaghaf”). If you ask us, we think Arabic is quite poetic, isn’t it? Knowing synonyms will also help you to learn Arabic vocabulary.

Make connections between words

As you dwell more and more into Arabic, you might notice that some words are similar to your native language. Arabic had a lot of influence in other languages (German, Bengali, Bosnian, Croatian, English, Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, Turkish or Romance languages like French, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Sicilian, to name a few). For example “sugar” in Spanish would be “azúcar”, while in Arabic is “sukkar”. In English, we would say “cotton”, in Arabic would be “quṭn”, or for “algebra” Arabs use “al-jabr”. This would definitely help you even more in remembering words faster and to learn Arabic vocabulary.

Use words flashcards

Now this would be a fun way to learn Arabic! You’ve heard a new, weird sounding word in Arabic? Why not make a flashcard out of it? Flashcards might sound like a boring method to learn, but rest assured, they actually work? Why is that? Because they use your cognitive skills, which will help you instill more words in your vocabulary. Give it a go, repeat this for a few times and you’ll notice a significant improvement, rather than just reading or memorizing from a book.

We at believe that with the right pointers, anyone can master the language. We are always looking for the most comprehensive methods to assist in reaching your goals when you want to learn Arabic online. And do not hesitate to check our platform for the latest tips and tricks to learn Arabic vocabulary.

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